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PrimeTix® Web Technology

PrimeTix® offers an array of web technologies for clients who range from not having any web development experience to those with experienced developers on their teams. Clients may use any combination of our offerings in order to achieve a uniquely customized solution that meets their individual business needs.
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PrimeTix® Web Checkout

The PrimeTix® Web Checkout has a number of customizable areas and can be themed to match the branding of any venue. By adding their custom content and styles to our checkout, clients can achieve a seamless integration with their box office website.
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PrimeTix® Plugin Technology

The PrimeTix® Plugins offer clients with basic web development experience a simple way to embed pre-built applications into their website, via iframes. By allowing clients to create and host their own custom stylesheets, the plugins can be themed to match any existing website's template and design.
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PrimeTix® Webservices

The PrimeTix® Webservices are the best solution for clients seeking complete control over a customized display of their data. An experienced web developer with server-side programming abilities will be required to make use of this option.
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